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What is Idea Nation?

Idea Nation is a digital platform for engaging employees, customers, partners and clients in idea and innovation processes.
No matter what business you’re in, we’ll help you find your next great innovation.


Idea Nation enables our clients to create engagement and bonds to their employees, clients, partners or citizens

All voices count

Reach out to the local department or to the whole company. Idea Nations software makes all voices count

Transparent leadership

Keeping people in the know will open up the leadership in a city or in a company. The processes will be more transparent and the feeling of belonging will increase.

Part of the solution

People wants to be a part of the solution. They want to be able to affect the outcome of their new headphones, cars, banking solutions or playgrounds. No wonder, they are the ones who are going to use it in the end.

Example cases

Panel discussion at Gather festival – Workshop Mode

View at

At the 2019 Gather festival, Openlab hosted a panel discussion about how to innovate in Public Services.

Openlab used the Idea Nation platform to engage the audience to submit their ideas and interact with others before, during and after the discussion. Our Workshop Mode feature made it possible for the audience to interact with the challenge just by scanning a QR-code or entering a four digit code that was provided on location.

The discussion was total success, live and online. During the 40 minute discussion the audience and panel participants added 16 ideas. 500 people visited the challenge online and the ideas gathered more than 900 likes.

The Airplane park - Civic Tech project

Visit the project page

The district administration of Skärholmen in Stockholm reach out to us and wanted help with engaging the citizens in the restoration of the very popular Airplane Park.

Together with our partner Openlab we helped them to reach out locally to the citizens and collecting their ideas and thoughts on how to remake the park. The input was processed by the cities urban architects and the prototypes was published on our platform.

When all the input was processed you could follow the process on the platform all the way from the start to the result.

The Alzheimer Challenge – Event Project


This project is a joint venture between Roche, EIT-Health and our partner Openlab.

Alzheimer is an non reversible disease. That’s why it’s crucial to set the diagnosis as soon as possible so that you can start the necessary treatment. It’s also very important to help the diagnosed patients to overcome the stages of denial that are common with chronic diseases.

Our mission was to help Roche/EIT-Health and Openlab, reach out to employees at Roche in Europe, students in the EIT-Health Network and entrepreneurs in general to come up with their solutions on how to solve this complex challenges.

People from 12 countries in Europe participated in solving these very complex challenges. At the end more than 40 ideas was gathered and Roche choose to explore two ideas for futher development.

Stockholm City Collaboration platform – Civic Tech Project

The platform is only available for employees of Stockholms Stad. If you have an account at ID Portalen you can search for "idésluss" on the intranet and you will find your way.

Stockholm City wanted a platform that would make it possible for all the employees to share their ideas, solve challenges and share their good examples of projects done in Stockholm or elsewhere. The platform would be seamlessly integrated in their system and live up to all of the security and privileges that comes with that integration.

Today Idea Nations platform is onboarded and Stockholm City has done a number of successful projects on the platform.

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  • Archived* after 30 days

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  • Unlimited ideas
  • Unlimited prototypes and iterations
  • Customized with logo and profilecolor
  • Archived* after 1 year

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Innovation platform

  • 10 000 SEK per project
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited ideas
  • Unlimited prototypes and iterations
  • Customized with logo and profilecolor
  • Never archived*

10 000 SEK/month

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* Innovation Events and Innovation Projects get archived after they have ended. Your data will still be online, but visitors will get a notice it has been archived. Projects on your own platform will remain untouched and never get archived as long as the subscription is active.

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Clients and Partners

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients and partners. You’ll find some of them below. Click on the logos to find out more about them.

EIT Health


Stockholms stad


Luma Arles

Karolinska Institutet


Expedition Mondial

Heroes of Brand and Innovation


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”Working with Idea Nation, we have discovered new perspectives of the exploration of ideas, increasing the height of innovation, visualizing risk of incrementalisation.”

Christian Appelt,
Innovation Enablement Manager at IKEA Group