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A living process

Idea Nation is a digital platform for engaging employees, customers, partners and citizens in idea and innovation processes.
Regardless of which industry you are in, we will help you to your next innovation.

Nyfiken på mer om innovation och idéhantering? Lär dig mer genom att läsa vår nybörjarguide.

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Idea Nation gives you the opportunity to create engagement with and closeness to your employees, customers, partners or citizens

Everyone counts

Reach out to your department or the entire company. Idea Nations software lets all voices be heard

Transparent ledarskap

Genom att hålla alla uppdaterade och inkluderade öppnas ledarskapet upp.

Part of the solution

Folk vill vara en del av lösningen. De vill kunna påverka sina nya hörlurar, bilar, banklösningar och lekparker. Inte undra på, det är de som i slutändan använder dem.

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Idea generation for an entire city

See how the city of Stockholm increased the transparency of ideas internally


    960 SEK / month

    Entrance version for those who want to get started with their innovation and idea work.

    Unlimited with challenges


    One Admin


    9960 SEK / month

    Our premium package includes more room for creativity and allows more users.

    Premium support


    Custom profile



    For the larger company that really wants to work with innovation on a large scale.

    Premium support on site

    Unlimited API calls

    All Features



    Adapted solution for authorities, regions and organizations. Engage your members/citizens.

    All Enterprise Features

    Citizens' cooperation

    Community Support


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Innovate on vital issues

Roche and EIT-Health invited to a challenge on Alzheimer's.

From partners and customers

  • The design of the electricity grid of the future

    Clean Energy Minesterial brings together 70 experts from around the world to gather knowledge and insights about power grids and electric vehicles

  • The audience participates in the panel discussion

    At the Gather Festival 2019, the audience was invited to participate in the panel discussion directly via QR codes through the Idea Nations platform.

  • Renovation of Flygplansparken

    The district administration in Skärholmen in Stockholm reached out and engaged the residents around Flygplansparken when it was to be renovated.