What is Idea Nation

Idea Nation was started in Stockholm in 2013 when the founders saw that there was a lack of a good platform to take advantage of an organization's full potential in innovation and development work according to the thesis that there can be smart solutions to problems in people outside a conference room and that more people think better.

A living process

Idea Nation is a digital platform for engaging employees, customers, partners and citizens in idea and innovation processes.
Regardless of which industry you are in, we will help you to your next innovation.

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Our Team

The team consists of Stefan Aaröe, Arvid Björkström
and Thomas Bergbom



Idea Nation gives you the opportunity to create engagement with and closeness to your employees, customers, partners or citizens

Everyone counts

Reach out to your department or the entire company. Idea Nations software lets all voices be heard

Transparent leadership

By keeping everyone updated and included, leadership opens up.

Part of the solution

People want to be part of the solution. They want to be able to influence their new headphones, cars, banking solutions and playgrounds. No wonder, they are the ones who use them in the end.



Adelsgatan 24 62143 Visby Sweden +46 (0) 706356591

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